We started our 24 hour NewYork visit with a pre-dawn departure to Newark with- wait for it- everything travel perfect! Spent about three hours at MoMa and happily enjoyed iconic art works we haven’t seen in years, as well as a Georgia O’Keefe special exhibit on her later charcoal and abstract works.

A huge AI screen in the main lobby showed fascinating juxtapositions of unrecognizable art works constantly morphing into shapes and colors.

Although our heads wanted to stay all day, our feet and bodies protested so we walked back to our hotel (Hampton Inn, Central Times Square—really great!) to check in and rest up.

Dinner was at a pretty nice pub right next door to the Longacre Theatre where we saw Leopoldstadt.
It is a magnificently intense drama about three generations of a Jewish family in Vienna from 1899-1955. Luckily, we had read the Tom Stoppard play beforehand which helped us immensely in figuring out characters and the overlapping stage conversations. It is up for many Tonys and certainly deserves to win some.

The theatre was not far from our hotel, but we made the mistake of walking home down Broadway through Saturday night throngs of people, street entertainment and crazy people in and around Times Square. Very wild and crazy, but fun as well. It was fun to see NYC. Haven’t been here in at least five years, probably more.