Pre-cruise: Day 1

July 7-8
Iceland, History, Map, & Population ...

Reykjavík, Iceland

Travel to Iceland, Explore Reykjavik

Pre-cruise: Day 2

July 9
Gullfoss Rainbow

Reykjavík, Iceland

Golden Circle tour

Pre-cruise: Day 3

July 10

Reykjavík, Iceland

South coast tour

Pre-cruise: Day 4

July 11

Travel to Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden

Viking Homelands Cruise




Day 1

July 12

Stockholm, Sweden

Admire the cobblestone streets of Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s 13th-century old town.

Day 2

July 13

Stockholm, Sweden

Explore Stockholm’s archipelago from the water or perhaps visit one of the city’s museums.

Day 3

July 14

Mariehamn, Åland Islands

Enjoy the great outdoors and explore Mariehamn and the Åland archipelago by land or by sea.

Day 4

July 15

Sail the Swedish Coast

Sail the Swedish Coast and its archipelago, a cluster of some 3,000 islands.

Day 5

July 16

Gdańsk, Poland

Stroll through this Hanseatic League city, viewing its historic sites and vibrant markets.

Day 6

July 17

Bornholm (Rønne), Denmark

Travel back in time with a visit to charming Rønne, the medieval center of Bornholm.

Day 7

July 18

Berlin (Warnemünde), Germany

Experience iconic Berlin, from the Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate to Checkpoint Charlie.

Day 8

July 19

Copenhagen, Denmark

Discover Copenhagen, renowned for Amalienborg Palace, the Little Mermaid statue and more.

Day 9

July 20

Ålborg, Denmark

Visit the charming old town, home to the City Hall, Jens Bang’s House and Ålborghus Castle.

Day 10

July 21

Oslo, Norway

Uncover the cultural riches of Norway’s capital, including native son, painter Edvard Munch.

Day 11

July 22

Oslo, Norway

Admire Oslo’s many landmarks such as Akershus Fortress or browse one of the city’s museums.

Day 12

July 23

Stavanger, Norway

Walk the cobblestone streets of Old Stavanger and visit the Norwegian Petroleum Museum.

Day 13

July 24

Flam, Norway

Embrace Flan's natural beauty and capture sweeping views of mountains and fjords.

Day 14

July 25

Bergen, Norway

Enjoy charming Bergen, a historic city full of colorful architecture and a lively atmosphere.

Day 15

July 26

Bergen, Norway

Admire the rugged mountains and magnificent fjords around Bergen, the "Capital of Fjords."