British museum, Royal Opera House, Convent Garden, and "Six"

Our whirlwind tour of London started today with a traditional English breakfast here at the hotel, including eggs, baked beans, "back" bacon ( a huge hefty but coarse bacon), sausage-also huge, cooked tomatoes and mushrooms, selection of cheeses and fruits, and several kinds of croissants which had just come out of the oven. We’re in breakfast heaven!

The tube stop is about 4 minutes away, and we navigated pretty easily to the British museum. We arrived just a few minutes before it’s opening at 10 and had to walk around the building to find the end of the queue. But it moved fast ( it’s free, no tickets involved) and we were soon inside at the " Great Court East".

We followed Rick Steve’s audio guide which started at the famous Rosetta Stone, went through the Egyptians, Assyrians and ended at the Greeks.
Jim was enthralled with all the Greek antiquities, Wendy loved all the mummy stuff, and we were both disappointed to learn that the famous music manuscripts formally housed in the museum were turned over to the British Library a number of years ago. We remembered them from our last trip, over 40 years ago.
Following our itinerary, we started walking over to Convent Garden. Wendy knew the Royal Opera House was close by, but we literally walked right by it. And, lo and behold, a free tour was starting in 5 minutes which we squeezed into without previous reservations. What a treat! The Opera, Ballet and Ballet School all use the facility and perform there. And it’s history is both charming and fascinating. It burnt down once in the early 1800s, was rebuilt, burnt down again in the 1870s, and then was closed for over a year in 2018 for a complete renovation.
There are now extra rehearsal spaces, a huge gathering and eating spot, and a lovely 400 seat theatre as well as the main hall. Alas, the main hall was not included in this tour (you have to buy a " backstage" tour to see that), but all the facts and figures about costumes, wigs, scenery, and the gallery of pictures and busts of musicians,dancers and singers made up for it. And you can easily find a picture of it if it interests you.
The ROH leads right into Convent Garden- a 6 block area of outdoor and enclosed area of shops, carts, restaurants,outdoor entertainers and excitement. Since it was Sunday and not raining, it was crowded and full of London residents and tourists alike looking for a relaxing time. We had a chocolate lunch of hot cocoa and gelato, people watched, shopped a little, and were entertained by both highbrow and lowbrow street groups.
On the way home, we had a bit of trouble finding the right tube station, but happened to pass the theatre showing the play we have tickets for tonight. So far, serendipity has been a companion today ( as well as very sore feet!)

After a fairly quick Greek dinner practically next door to the theatre, we saw "Six", the new hit show about the six wives of Henry the Eighth. A totally female cast including 4 rock musicians on stage, it was well presented,sung and acted. It is a musical for the under 40 crowd ( maybe even thirty) which was most of the audience. We appreciated it, but didn’t really like it too much. The good news is that the second time of doing the exact same tube ride there and home, we got it down pat!

Oh, and by the way, an English hip hip hooray if you remember who lives here?