Problematic travel, Inverness, schedule changes

After an early start, we got to the Waverly train station in Edinburgh to find out that our train to Inverness was cancelled! We took another local one towards Glasgow, switched at Stirling and got to Inverness around 2:30, about 1 1/2 hours later than planned.
How lucky that our hotel, The Royal Highland is literally 25 steps from the train station. It was opened in 1856, has all the old staircases, elevators, and bathroom fittings, and lots of character, including old keys to the door.
Our tour of the city was led by Dan in full Scottish dress. He was a nice person, but very long winded. We were tired, but tried to learn about falcons and unicorns, (the unicorn is the symbol of Scotland and is usually next to the lion) and why they are together?- the unicorn is the only animal that can defeat the lion, a sly reference to Scotland and England. The town hall was recently renovated and is the THIRD spot where they announced Charles the new King of England.
We walked across to the River Ness, a waterway connecting Loch Ness with the Moray Firth which then leads to the North Sea.

Saw a old cemetery from the High Street Church, no longer in use, but we did see some local teens getting " high" there!!
Our next three days are all mixed up and somewhat changed from the original itinerary. Tomorrow, Monday, September 19 is the funeral and burial of QEII, and as such, almost everything is closed. Many tour groups are either traveling or took the day off. Steve and Linda have been working all week to find creative ways to stick to the plan, although there are many changes. For example, we were supposed to take a very scenic train to The isle of Skye in the Hebrides in a few days. Instead, we are traveling there tomorrow by bus.

Wearily, we ended the day at a local American- like restaurant called Scotch and Rye where we had burgers. Our room is lovely, very old. Wendy took a long soaking bath in the long tub!