Most of what we did in Tel Aviv was in the Jaffa area because major attractions and shops were closed, so it was a somewhat low-key end to our trip. But over the three days we were there, we captured the feel of this vibrant area. It is the second largest gay/ pride city, only next to San Francisco, loves portraying humor on buildings, and, since it is new, has the skyscrapers and architecture to prove it.

The beaches have wide sidewalks, bike and scooter lanes which are well used ( as are the sidewalks so watch out!).
We enjoyed a final spectacular breakfast at our hotel.
Then, Ibrahim found a very new museum built on the architecturally diverse campus of Tel Aviv University, an area he knew well. It is called the Anu Museum and (yay!) was open on Shabbat.
It portrays Jewish cultural achievements in the performing arts, presents history in a unique way, and used a wide array of media to portray Jewish life around the world. We were most impressed and would highly recommend it.
We watched videos and displays of famous comedians, saw 3-D models of synagogues around the world, and were mesmerized by a video and accompanying map that explained the many migrations of the Jewish people over thousands of years.

We finally found the tiny room where they showed videos of Leonard Cohen in his last concerts in Israel.
It was a gray day ( actually saw a few raindrops, the only time during the entire trip), so we spent the afternoon catching up on the blog, and ( sigh) packing. Took final pictures of our room and the best shower in the world!
A farewell dinner was a good walk away, and after a lovely meal said goodbye to our new friends. Walking into the hotel, we met Ibrahim’s beautiful wife who had joined him for a very short vacation. They are a really cute couple!
We have at least 23 or so hours of traveling and layovers ahead of us😢😢.